Concepts and terms commonly used when working with the past and collective memory
Concepts and terms commonly used when working with the past and collective memory
What is the glossary and what is it for?

Work with memory is work in a broad multidisciplinary field of knowledge. It is not simply broad, but also difficult to map. Research develops very quickly, sometimes in parallel across different disciplines. That is why terminology might become confusing.

When we publish texts on the website or work with difficult topics during our public events, we want to be clearly understood by everyone interested in joining the conversation.

That is why we have started to develop a basic glossary, which helps to navigate the key problems in research of collective memory for people who do not work with this topic professionally.

The topic of the difficult past very often appears in the public sphere. It becomes the basis for political decisions, and sometimes, regrettably, is used as an instrument of manipulation.
Sometimes it is necessary to know the history of a particular question in order to understand one or another political reaction or different motives for memorialisation. It is also important to understand which word should (or shouldn't) be used in a context of a specific historical topic.

Who are creating the glossary?

Research of memory is an interdisciplinary field, that is why we have invited experts in the fields of Memory studies, history, anthropology, law, art history, political science and others to write glossary entries in their fields.

The glossary aims to clarify terms used in the Ukrainian public discourse and is targeted at the Ukrainian audience. It is fully available on the Ukrainian version of the website.

The glossary was started in 2020. It is a growing resource and we are continuously working to expand it.

The project Past / Future / Art is implemented in partnership with forumZFD Programme in Ukraine. forumZFD is an international non-governmental organization, which supports civil society in countries affected by war and conflict. forumZFD works with experts in conflict transformation in Germany, and numerous other countries in Europe, Middle East and South-East Asia.